Municipal Government

Muncipal Government Challenges

  1. Meet growth and development requirements
  2. Maintain municipal integrity in the face of growth and development requirements

Public pressure is mounting and full lifecycle management is becoming a top priority for all stakeholders. Regulations will evolve to improve the public's protection from liability associated with wells, pipelines and facilities that ultimately require retirement. With over 65,000 inactive wells and associated pipelines and facilities in Alberta alone, only a small fraction are annually abandoned and reclaimed – a clear indication that industry needs a better strategy to keep up. This is currently being reflected in the recent changes to Alberta’s License Liability Risk model. Depletion of the orphan well fund has dictated that within the next 3 operating years assets values will decrease and abandonment and reclamation liabilities will double

Streamlined end of life solutions

The Foundation will aid municipalities who must address liability issues related to ASPs (Area Sub-Division Plans), and developers struggling with liability associated to oil and gas infrastructure which falls within land that has been annexed by a municipality.