Land Integrity Foundation

The true strength of the foundation is the think tank, data hub. Via this hub the Land Integrity Foundation utilizes a multitude of data systems. All data is mined, analyzed and sorted in relation to defendable categorization of production capability and offsetting liability values.

Use of the LIF Risk Matrix to assess level of Risk

Liability Management and Predictive Analytics allow us to more accurately predict an asset's DDA (depletion, depreciation and amortization) behavior; elements of risk are weighed then assigned a value based on what specific mitigative steps along with decommissioning/remediative requirements must be integrated into corporate or project based ARO. Surface and downhole liabilities set the stage for a logic based risk assessment. We look to the future by fine tuning the specific liability management data elements and forming a symbiotic relationship between the data and predictive analytics powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Energy Industry

LIF helps producers optimize production, minimize risk and improve the viability of their assets.

Municipal Governments

LIF helps municipal governments maintain municipal integrity while meeting community growth needs.

Builders & Developers

LIF helps builders and developers meet municipal regulations and safely access reclaimed land.