Board of Directors

Currently there are 2 Directors: 

Deidre Macht - C.E.O.

Deidre is an ISO 14001 Lead Auditor. Over the last 20 years she has worked with and developed training for a variety of Energy companies, First Nations bands and regulatory compliance boards across North America.She has provided compliance data modeling assistance to CAPP, CAPL, CAPLA, and the AER. She has an integral working knowledge of; federal, western Canadian provincial and municipal legislation, which focus on; liability, ARO, environment, health and safety. She has been integral in providing “viability management” assistance to clientele by providing inter-jurisdictional liaisons required to map out life cycle due diligence in both up and downstream oil and gas as well as the utility industries. She has represented the City of Calgary at various oil and gas related hearings over the last 9 years. While in this role, I developed the internal Gas and Oil Group as well as the Synergy Calgary group, of which she remains a member. She is a member of the CSA Z663 (pipeline in Urban Centres) policy development committee

Chris Fuglerud - downhole liability expert

 Chris is a Wellbore Integrity Specialist with over 25 years in the oil and gas industry. Chris helped create the Canadian Society for Gas Migration in 2011 (now the Well Integrity and Abandonment Society) where he is still a member in good standing and has served in all possible executive positions. Chris has consulted to Bennett Jones on a high profile legal case regarding liability disclosure, consulted to the Alberta Energy Regulator on liability cost benchmarking for the Province of Alberta, and consulted to the Western Regulators Forum regarding the amalgamation of Directives and best practices across the western Provinces into a single document. In his tenure, Chris has contributed to the successful repair of over 200 surface casing vent flow wells and over 2000 well abandonment operations. He will continue to improve processes and find new efficiencies as the industry develops and new technologies are tested and become commercially available.

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