Builders & Developers

Commercial and/or Residential Builder and Developer challenges

  1. Access land for development projects
  2. Meet municipal guideline requirements for ASP(Area Structure Plan) and MDP (Municipal Development Plan)

Builders and Developers who are members can coordinate the abandonment of a shut in or suspended well, allowing them to build to within 20 – 30 meters as opposed to the 100 – 1500 meter setbacks of an operating well. Builders and Developers will have to submit subdivision plans incorporating a GPS top-hole location and a 5 meter radius setback for all abandoned wells and facilities within those development lands.

Community Benefits

Smaller producers who are struggling with the LLR can benefit from assistance in the abandonment of a well that has been negatively affecting their License Liability Rating. Land that is reclaimed for use creates and improved environment that may include neighborhoods for people to live, work and play. This improves the social wellbeing of the community in multitude of ways and is a positive benefit for the community.